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Montana Native Plants

Red PaintbrushI specialize in raising Montana native plants that are indigenous to the Northern Rocky Mountain ecosystem. My nursery, located on the outskirts of the beautiful Flathead Valley, is surrounded by Glacier National Park * (although no seed collecting occurs within GNP), the Flathead National Forest as well as the Bob Marshall, the Great Bear and the Scapegoat Wildernesses, all meccas for a wide variety of native plants.

The native plants I grow are adapted to our  unique climate and soil conditions because they come from endemic seed I’ve ethically collected.  My locally-grown native plants are adapted to our area’s unique climate and soil conditionBeargrass in Two Medicines. This doesn't prevent my plants from growing into healthy vibrant plants elsewhere. On the contrary, many native plants have evolved over geological time to survive harsh conditions. Plant my native plants into decent soil, with perhaps more water than they’d normally receive in the wild, and they will flourish.  Once established, native plants can thrive with less water, less maintenance and no fertilizer. They are also frost resistant!

I pride myself in propagating all of the plants I sell from seed or cuttings collected ethically from the wild. I sell only well-rooted specimens assuring you a vigorous plant that is anxious to get its roots into your soil.

Local photographers, Stacey Bengtson and D. Linnell Blank allowed me to use their photographs for my site. Click on their names to contact or learn more about their work.

What is a native plant?

silky phaceliaNative plants are plant species that grow naturally in an area or specific region. Over geologic time they have evolved in a particular place due to climate, soils and other conditions specific to the area where they are growing. Montana native plants were here before Euro/American settlements and are indigenous to Montana.

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Why garden with native plants?

Gardening with native plants helps you and your home feel connected to our rich Montana heritage. It helps tie your property to our larger regional landscape, creating a yard that ties into Montana’s natural beauty and produces a look that is uniquely Montana.


As our valley grows in population the native plants are being squeezed out to make room for our homes. By returning native plants to our yards and gardens we are helping to re-establish the plants that originally grew here. Wildlife, birds, bees, and butterflies will find a year-round haven in your yard, complete with the native plants with which they have evolved. Using native plants grown from Flathead area seed also helps to preserve regional genetic diversity which means you are helping to keep the genetics unique to our native plants from being diluted.  

Arrowleaf balsamroot (Balsamorhiza sagittata)

Our Native Plants

I pride myself in propagating all ofthe plants I sell from seed or cuttingscollected ethically from the wild. I sell only well-rooted specimens assuring you a vigorous plant.

You can find a current list of my nursery's native Montana plant stock on theInventory Page and purchasing information on myPurchase Page.