Thank you for buying a native plant from Windflower Native Plant Nursery. Your purchase helps create a bit of Montana natural  history in your own yard as well as restore a piece of native Montana. This plant was grown by seed I collected locally in an ethical manner.    

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant or Spider-flower
Cleome serrulata
Caper Family (Capparaceae)

Color: pink (ranging from red to white)
Plant height: 1-3 feet tall or taller
Bloom time: June - August
Native habitat: Dry sandy sites found in the plains, foothills, and mountains from Montana to New Mexico.

Bees love this plant nectar and flock to it when it is in bloom.

The showy, pink filaments of the stamens project outward about twice the length of the petals and the capsules arch downward like long spider legs.

It has been said this plant saved the Navajos from starvation several times and has been names in songs along with corn, pumpkin and cotton.**

This plant is included on the plant list Lewis and Clark created on their Expedition.

Three sheet of this species still exsist. One sheet has an original label in Lewis’s handwriting. It was collected on August 25, 1804, above the mouth of the Vermillion River in present day South Dakota.*

*Taken from Wayne Phillips book, Plants of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

** Taken from Plants of the Rocky Mountain by Kershaw, MacKinnon Pojar


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