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Statement of Quality

I pride myself on propagating all of the plants I sell from local seed or cuttings, collected ethically from the wild. This allows me to promise you native plants that preserve regional genetic diversity and are best suited for the climate and soil conditions of Northwest Montana. I sell only well-rooted specimens assuring you a vigorous plant that is anxious to get its roots into your soil.

I can not guarantee that my plants will grow in your garden; too much depends on conditions beyond my control - soil chemistry, under or over watering, too much or too little shade or sun, too much competition etc. The information provided with your plant and on these pages can help you to provide your plants with the best possible care.

How Plants Are Purchased

I sell my native plants at the Whitefish Farmer’s Market next to Depot Park and the O'Shaunessy Center, in downtown Whitefish, on Tuesdays at 5 p.m., in June and July and again in the fall. I wish I could promise I am always there but unfortunately I can’t make that promise. I can always be contacted by phone or email.

PricingPlant display

I grow my plants in various sized pots and tubes. Prices range from $1.00 a tube for grasses to $25.00 for unusual, hard-to-grow or slow growing natives in one or two-gallon-sized pots. The most popular sizes are 2”, 4” and gallon pots.  Plant prices commonly run from $2.25 to $12.00.

Plants are available individually or in bulk quantity.

Special orders are welcomed.

Ordering Step by Step:

  • You send me your order by email, phone or mail. For a quick response use my Contact Form below.
  • I will phone or email you what is available and how much to pay. We can work out some kind of pick up or delivery arrangements. I have FED EX pack and ship orders for me.
  • When having your plants shipped you pay for your order through PayPal or by check or money order. I am sorry but I do not accept credit cards at this time.
  • Once payment has been made I will ship your plants or arrange for deliver of your order.
  • Special orders require 20% down with the balance due upon final delivery.

Everyone is happy, including the plants. They finally get to put their roots into the ground instead of a pot.

Contact Form

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Choose all plants in which you are interested:

Alberta penstemon Alumroot Bicknell's geranium Blanketflower
Blue Camas Blue clematis Canada goldenrod Clarkia
Common sunflower Cut-leaved anemone Fireweed Fringecup
Fringed sagewort Fuzzy-tongued penstemon Gumbo rose Hairy golden aster
Heartleaf arnica Lyall's penstemon Mountain arnica Mountain or Wild hollyhock
Mule-ears Narrow-leaved purple coneflower Nodding onion Pasque flower
Pearly Everlasting Plains coreopsis Prairie coneflower Prairie smoke
Purple prairie clover Red monkey-flower  Red paintbrush Red penstemon
Rocky Mt. bee plant Rock-vine penstemon Rosy pussytoes Showy aster
Showy Jacob's ladder Shrubby penstemon Silky phacelia Smooth aster
Spreading dogbane Sticky geranium Stonecrop (narrow petalled) Sulphur buckwheat
Twin arnica Wandering fleabane White yarrow Wild blue flax
Wild bergamot Wooly groundsel Yellow columbine Yellow monkey-flower
Yellow penstemon


Oregon grape Wood’s Rose


Bluebunch wheatgrass Prairie junegrass


Soft-leaved sedge  


Contact Information:
Windflower Native Plant Nursery
PO Box 306
West Glacier, Montana 59936



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